Stay Safe Online

We take E-Safety very seriously at St Cuthbert's RC Primary School and we work with our children and families in the best ways to stay safe on line.

This section of our website includes updated information for families about E-Safety and links to resources and guidance that may be useful.

The E Safety 5P's For Families

Keep in the know about e-safety and follow the 5Ps for families.

Positive - Stay positive about social networking sites. Strike a balance between educating children to behave safely and trusting them to get on with it.

Privacy - Make sure children know how to use privacy settings. Explain the importance of keeping information private and not sharing everything with everyone. Check they know all their online friends. If they don't, delete them.

Photos - Check that any photos posted are suitable. Photos can easily be copied, changed or circulated. They can potentially stay online forever.

Postings - Establish ground rules about what is and isn't acceptable to say - about themselves and others.

Parents - Encourage children to tell you about inappropriate contact that makes them feel uncomfortable. Offensive images or messages can be reported to the police via the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.