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Financial Information

Schools are asked to provide detailed information on funding they have been given through different funding streams. You can download and read information on our PE and Sports Premium and Pupil Premium Funding from the links below. You can also find additional information on our school spending from the last financial year at Compare Schools Performance website

PE and Sports Premium

Schools are allocated funding known as the 'P.E. and Sports Premium' to improve physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. The spend plan / statement 2022/ 2023 update (pdf) is available by clicking the link below. This describes the rationale behind our spending of the premium; amounts allocated under the premium; provision and continuous professional development paid for by the premium; intended impact and sustainability.

Pupil Premium

A large part of schools funding is known as ‘Pupil Premium’. This funding is allocated to each school based on a number of factors including how many families are in receipt of various benefits. The funding makes up a large portion of our school budget at St. Cuthbert's and you can read the Pupil Premium document by clicking the link below to see what we do with it. 

PE and Sports Premium Report 2022/ 2023

Pupil Premium Report 2022/ 2023

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