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Our Vision

Our Aims

Our aim at St. Cuthbert’s Catholic Primary School is to ensure all our children and their families are safe and happy with an understanding that as a school community we are committed to building good relationships based on mutual respect and trust. St. Cuthbert’s is a significant part of our children’s and families’ lives- we do everything we can to ensure the children in our care are physically and emotionally safe and that families can trust us to do this. Everything we do is done in the spirit of the Gospel teachings.

Our Vision for all children at St. Cuthbert’s Catholic Primary School is;

  • To be witnesses to the Gospel values through what we do. To empower all our children with compassion and respect for themselves, each other and for the world around them. To live out the principles of Pope Francis’ encyclical letters Laudato Si; Care For Our Common Home and Fratelli Tutti; Sisters and Brothers All, Social Friendship.

  • To evoke awe, curiosity and wonder in our world, an ethos of enquiry into endless creative, possibilities and problem - solving.

  • To instil a strength of courage and ambition that all our children are capable to achieve to their greatest potential, especially when they show resilience and put their hearts and minds to it and never give up.

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