Coast to Coast Bike Ride

In May 2018, our Super16 made took on the challenge of cycling across England along the fabled Coast to Coast Cycle Route. Their aim was to raise funds to support early years education in Missungwi, Tanzania. The group was made up of sixteen St. Cuthbert's children from years 5 and 6 and they were joined on their quest by Richard Moore and his brother Noel and two more support riders, (Hugh and Stephen) from Children in Crossfire who are based in Derry. Children in Crossfire is a charity set up by Ricard and they work developing early years provision and resources for children across the world. You can find out more about the challenge in the video clips below. This was a life changing event for everyone involved and the emotion at the end of the bike ride, when the children had completed their task and arrived home to Tynemouth, was something amazing and unforgettable. Our children are helping the children of Missungwi Primary School and the children of Missungwi Primary School gave the children and family of St. Cuthbert's the strength and determination to complete their challenge. Children helping children; people need people.