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Our Staff

You can get in touch with any of our school team by phoning the school office on 0191 691 9876 or emailing us at below is St. Cuthbert's staff team.

Our Class Teachers

Nursery: Miss Collins

Reception Class: Mrs Stephens

Year 1: Miss Fellows

Year 2: Miss Collings

Year 3: Mrs Moody

Year 4: Mrs Massie and Mrs Allott

Year 5: Mrs McArdle

Year 6: Ms Shepherd

PPA: Mrs Brown

Assistant Headteacher: Mrs Cottiss

Headteacher: Mr Dillon

Our Teaching Support Staff

Miss Southgate

Miss Robinson

Mrs Millen

Miss Fielding

Miss Birkett

Mr Capper- HLTA

Miss Baird- apprentice teaching assistant

Miss Titterton- apprentice teaching assistant

Support Staff

Caretaker: Mr Smart

School Business Manager: Miss Taylor

Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs Eden

Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs Cervantes

School catering is provided by Hutchison Catering

School cleaning is provided by Bulloughs Cleaning Services

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