The Magic

The Magic

At St. Cuthbert's we believe that 

Mini Vinnies

St. Cuthbert's Mini Vinnies are the heartbeat of everything that happens at St. Cuthbert's. More 60 members of the team meet weekly to plan, lead and deliver whole school initiatives and celebrations. They speak regularly to Mini Vinnies at other schools and have spoken at regional and national St. Vincent de Paul conferences, they are living proof that people need people.

intergenerational Partnerships

Nursery and Reception Class children from St. Cuthbert's have reached out to, and made amazing and special connections with our local community through their innovative inter-generational work. 


to coast

In May 2018 16 children from St. Cuthbert's, forever known as The Super16, embarked on an epic cycle across England with Richard Moore from Children in Crossfire. Discover more about their cause, watch their training and relive their amazing achievement on our Coast to Coast page.

Global Partnerships

From North Shields to Derry, to Brazil to Tanzania; St. Cuthbert's children have made connections with schools and organisations across the world. Working in partnership with children across the globe, they are making a positive difference to their world and helping to create a better future for us all.

Residential Trips

St. Cuthbert's children are constantly out and about, making their learning real and developing a whole range of skills. Children from years 3, 4, 5 and 6  have the opportunity to challenge themselves and support each other  in fantastic residential trips each year.