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Our Curriculum


Everyone at St. Cuthbert's, children and adults, take part in weekly Compassion Matters sessions. We believe that compassion is something that we can learn and is something that we must work at to develop. Through Compassion Matters we learn how inspirational people and groups of people have made a positive to their own lives and the lives of other people. Our children and staff use Compassion Matters to make sense of our ever changing world and society and to be the positive difference. Compassion Matters runs through everything we do at St. Cuthbert's. Find out more about compassion in action at St. Cuthbert's by clicking the link to our Compassion Matters section of our website.

Compassion Matters

Outdoor learning is a big part of the curriculum at St. Cuthbert's and every child has a full half day timetabled and dedicated to taking their learning outside.  On their dedicated day children will use out outdoor environment to enhance their learning and we promise families that they will come home mucky and smelling of campfire on these days. Classes take every opportunity to take their learning outside and we work with other schools and organisations to continually develop and share what we do.

Find out more about outdoor learning at St. Cuthbert's by visiting our Outdoor Learning page.

Outdoor Learning

At St Cuthbert's, Maths Mastery places emphasis on the cumulative mastery of essential knowledge and skills in mathematics.

It embeds a deeper understanding of maths by utilising a concrete, pictorial, abstract approach so that pupils understand what they are doing rather than just learning to repeat routines without grasping what is happening. We follow the White Rose Maths Scheme across all classes at St. Cuthbert's. Click here to find out more about maths at St. Cuthbert's. 

Learning to read and write are key life skills for all children, no matter what their background, and every child has the right to learn to read and write with the right teaching and support. We build time for all children to both read and write independently, read together, write together, read aloud and be read to and we believe every teacher should be an advocate for reading and writing. We believe in the importance of developing a child’s discrete reading and writing skills and well as the need to foster their love of books and reading and writing. We recognise that these elements are woven together; each relying on the other if children are to become life-long readers and writers. Phonics is taught through the ELS programme and you can read more about it and watch video clips demonstrating how each sound is said on their website at Essential Letters and Sounds. Writing is taught throughout school following our approach of deconstructing texts and modelling and sharing each stage of het writing process. You can find further information on our English curriculum by clicking here.


PE, Being Active & Being Well

We love sport at St. Cuthbert's and we don't stop with PE lessons! All children at St. Cuthbert's are taught how to ride a bike and they can all swim at least 25m by the time they leave us in year 6. We have our own fleet of children's bikes and a small fleet of adult bikes which families use on our regular family bike rides. We don't stop at swimming and cycling, our children love archery and we have our own equipment which is used every day. Our love of sport and the outdoors keeps us all active and fit and we take every opportunity to explore new experiences and to work with other schools and organisations.  You can see lots of our sporting endeavours and residential trips in our gallery and YouTube channel. 


You can download and read curriculum statements written by school staff with children. Each statement highlights what we intend the subject to contribute to the life of our school and the lives of our children, how we implement our subject aims and how we measure the impact of each subject. You can read more about curriculum coverage in each class by clicking on our Class Curriculum Information page, and subject curriculum statements by on our Curriculum Statements page.

Curriculum Statements
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