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Our Uniform

Our school uniform was changed nine years ago in partnership with families, governors, school staff and children. It is cost effective and the colours chosen are the colours of the original school uniforms worn at St. Cuthbert's many, many years ago. The uniform is intended to be as cost effective as possible and the colours are widely available from supermarkets, shops and online. Every child has timetabled outdoor learning days and we ask that they wear old clothes that day, clothes that you don't mind getting dirty and probably smelling of smoke from the campfire. Children are also asked to come to school in their PE kit on their PE day each week. It is for you to decide where you will purchase your child's uniform, items branded with our school logo are available from Emblematic Quality Embroidery and Printing. You can browse and order items of uniform online at or you can buy items of the same colours, without a school logo, from supermarkets, clothing stores and online. We also have a wide selection of uniform items in the school hall, all clothes here are free and are donated to school by families when children grow out of them. We encourage you to use the clothes rail and to donate anything your child has grown out of- this is another brilliant example of St. Cuthbert's community working together to care for our common home and each other.  Children wear green ties from Reception Class to Year 4 and a green and yellow tie in years 5 and 6 and these are available to buy at the school office.

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