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Our Values

Our Core Values and Nurturing Principles

As a Catholic and Rights Respecting School we have collectively planned our values and nurturing principles to become embedded within our core purpose. We want our children and wider community to thrive and be resilient and to have the ambition and vision to recognise that everyone can achieve to their greatest potential, especially when we put our hearts, minds and souls to it and never give up.

Our Values

  • Service and sacrifice

  • Compassion and dignity

  • Humility and gentleness

  • Truth and justice

  • Forgiveness and mercy

  • Tolerance and peace


Our Principles of Nurture

  • We are compassionate and nurture each other.

  • Our words and how we treat people are a way of expressing ourselves. 

  • We are on a learning journey filled with curiosity.  

  • We feel safe as part of our school family and in our school environment.

  • We need courage to help us with changes.

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